Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dream House

This morning in my inbox I discovered a comment on my blog post from June of 2005 which was simply this picture of what I called "The Giraffe House". It seems the commenter purchased this house a year ago and was surprised to see its picture on my blog. Isn't it fun? Denny and I had been on our way to the post office or some such and were just cutting through side streets when we happened upon the house and I was so tickled by the imagination shown by the owners. Doesn't it just make you want to introduce yourself so you can find out what kind of folks live inside?

Another drive by house that intrigued us was Snow White's house in the suburbs of Vancouver that we saw from our bus window as we were being taken from our cruise ship to the Vancouver airport. Make a new roof line on an English Tudor and you live in a fairy tale. Do you suppose the back garden is filled with fairies and gnomes? Sometimes houses are just awesome. If I won the lottery my house would look like this: I know, it's way too much house, but this one is very Frank Lloyd Wright looking in its setting and overlooks the Superstition Mountains which would be my choice of a winter home (we're talking lottery dreams, remember? Summer home/winter home lottery dreams.)

But truly, given my druthers, I'd like to have a big old Victorian painted lady with a wrap around porch for my porch swing, situated on a quiet street in a small town where the trees are tall and the people are friendly. Denny would never go for that because all he'd see is antiquated wiring and maintenance issues of an old house, but I love the character of the architecture both inside and out of older homes. And I'd have roses on bowers and hollyhocks and lilacs and all those wonderful heritage plantings that go with a one hundred year old home.

What does your dream house look like?
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Arkansas Patti said...

If I had more closet space, I'd be in it right now.

Linda in New Mexico said...

My perfect house would be an old real adobe house in the wilds on NM somewhere off the eaten path with lots of room for animals and chores for all....outdoors. Or a Victorian like MBF in the valley of ABQ. Away from the hustle and bustle. Great houses pictured here.
Vert word is cappur...and I'd like a house with a cappur on the top of the chimney.

Journeyin' Lady... said...

I've decided that I can NEVER live in another "real" house because I could never decide on a style! When we are in the Southwest I decide I would love an adobe; we move on to the mountains, ah a cabin; on to the beach, I must have a beach house; in a city I think I would love to live in a loft and on and on! I'll just continue on in my 5th wheel.
Is that giraffe house the cutest or what!
Enjoying your blog!

cathie said...

Your husband is just like mine. We owned a historic home for about 6 years, built in 1922. All he did was replace plumbing, electrical lines etc. Finally said enough is enough and we moved! Plus, it had a huge lawn and he had to spend hours mowing, trimming, weedeating, etc. Not enough time for golf.

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