Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Seeing The Inside of Hospitals

Reenactors dressed in British 1812 uniforms at...Image via WikipediaThat's what we've been seeing lately, thanks to Denny's oversized kidney stone. Today we have a final trip to Buffalo to have the fragments created by yesterday's laser treatment pulverized by an ultra-sound. It seems one marginally too large fragment was blasted back into the kidney so the urologist wants Denny to have an ultrasound to prevent any more problems as we move eastward this summer. Good thinking.

Fortunately, we've been coming to this area for years, since our oldest son and our grandkids live up here. There are several wineries, an apple orchard or two, state parks and of course the biggest draw, Niagara Falls. In the same area you can wander the grounds of Old Fort Niagara, watching reenactors play the part of British soldiers and possibly even having the chance to set off a cannon.

Several miles east of our campground you have the Erie Canal and the town of Lockport, where you can take a tour of the Lockport Locks. Another way to spend a couple of hours is at the Lockport Caves (apparently for some reason I didn't blog about our tour). There are also several golf courses within a few miles and the city of Buffalo is down the road a ways.

Certainly there are many ways to entertain yourself here. All of which are much better than staring at the inside of a hospital room. *sigh*
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Linda in New Mexico said...

I think the sign at the end tells the tale. Goodness you and Denny sure have had "some" adventures. This is one (hospital) I know you would have loved to avoid. Take care, The Olde Bagg

SkippyMom said...

You know we are thinking of you here and hoping for the best.

Take care and hope you guys are out of there soon.

Hugs and Love Momma! :)

Journeyin' Lady... said...

You are so good about making the best of a bad situation! Good for you!
Safe travels when you finally get back on the road!

Arkansas Patti said...

Hoping Denny's rock blasting goes well today. You sure don't want that to happen in a strange town.

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