Tuesday, November 21, 2006

If I'm in Florida, Why Am I So Cold?

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The surf is up and so is the wind. The rains are supposed to be coming also and when I asked about water aerobics here at the campground office when we arrived the lady told me I'd have to chip through the ice to do them. Great! Why are we not in Arizona right now? Brr.

It wasn't a long drive today, a mere 103 miles. So to make things more interesting Denny decided to lock the keys in the truck, with the engine running and the cat, my purse with my keys and our cell phone inside. And we're both outside since we had just backed into our spot and I was checking to see how many boards we'd need to drive up on to level the rig. Reread the first sentence of the first paragraph. It's windy. And it's cold. And the campground took the pay phone out because no one used it and I don't have the number to our roadside assistance programmed memorized and they are no listed with the national 800 information line. Oh boy, as if I wasn't ticked off at Denny enough, all this is making it worse. Finally, as I'm calling a local locksmith who only takes cash and I've just given all my cash to pay for the campsite, Denny comes strolling up dangling the keys in front of my face. Let me tell you where I almost told him to place those keys....no never mind. It seems a neighbor had locked his keys in his truck before and someone showed him a trick how to get the door open so he showed Denny. Okay great, but Denny, you're still on my list, okay?

Eventually, we were set up, satellite TV and Internet are working and we had hot chocolate and chicken noodle soup to warm our icy bones. More of this cold weather and rain tomorrow and then the sun comes out for Thanksgiving. Gah! We might as well be back in Ohio--currently it's 45 degrees there and right now it's 48 degrees here. I think it's time to have some cheese with my whine now, thank you very much. Then I'm going to go warm my hands over the register--this snowbird is COLD!

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Coll said...

Oh my.. I know, all to well, how it feels to lock the keys and purse inside a vehicle.. running no less.. and in the middle of winter. My hero that day was my hubby. As a matter of truth..it has happened more than once. :-)

Glad to hear you were able to retrieve the keys and stay warm.

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