Sunday, November 19, 2006

Lazy Sunday in Georgia with more pix of Jekyll Island

After much frustration I found a work-around for loading pictures on Blogger. Which means my Lazy Sunday was very busy and therefore belies the title.

We absolutely love this little barrier island after visiting it for the first time. I'm sure we'll manage to get back here someday and we recommend you come down for a visit. Then again, maybe I shouldn't be telling you about it so we can enjoy the peace and quiet all by ourselves. Heh.

The Horton Plantation ruins. Built of tabby, a conglomerate of lime, sand, oyster shell and water, the plantation dates back to the 1740s.

One of the restored "cottages" of one of the members of the Jekyll Island Club. If this is a "cottage", what would their "real" home have looked like?

Another cottage of the rich and famous on Jekyll Island. Strangely enough, these homes were abandoned after the double whammy of the stock market crash of '29 and WWII.

Our tram tour guide Phyllis told us that this spot in the middle of the historical district underneath the live oaks is the most popular spot for weddings. It's not hard to see why.

Okay, previously I used a professional photo of the Sidney Lanier bridge--this is my shot where I managed to catch most of the casino cruise ship in the left hand corner of the picture.

A great egret preparing to land in the marsh grasses that edge the mainland of Georgia.

Look at the teeth on this sheepshead fish; they look human, don't they?

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Coll said...

Amazing photos. Such beauty.. both natural and man made. And those teeth! :-)

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