Sunday, November 26, 2006

Lazy Sunday on the beach

A large area of high pressure is sitting over the northeastern portion of the U.S. and somehow that results in rough surf and riptides down along the beaches of northeastern Florida. I was hoping for a walk along the beach yesterday afternoon but that wasn't going to happen. So today's Lazy Sunday pictures were taken from the deck provided by our campground which leads to the beach. Sooner or later I'll get that walk in.

You'll notice there's no room for walking the beach here during high tide. I don't imagine this stretch of beach is this empty very often.

Looking north from one end of the observation deck. I sat on the end of those steps to take pictures and had to move when the waves started crashing up onto the steps. Don't you love the sound of the surf?

The sandpipers (which I call skitter birds for the way their little legs hustle when avoiding the waves) were having a hard time outrunning the surf today. They were moving so quickly I couldn't snap a good picture. This is what they were attempting to outrun.

This brown pelican was sitting about 100 feet out from me, simply riding the waves amid the crashing surf.
Notice the huge swell of a wave behind this brown pelican. They fly about a foot above the water parallel to the huge waves. I can't figure out how they manage to avoid the curls of the waves because they don't seem to make any special maneuvers to avoid the waves themselves.

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Coll said...

Amazing photos.

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