Sunday, July 08, 2007

Hot Lazy Sunday

The forecast for today is for temperatures in the mid 90s. The jet stream has created a swatch of blazing heat across the country and you'd have to travel to the western edge of Washington to find cooler temperatures this week. So today we're traveling to Washington and other areas via pictures of cool water.

A sea of daisies fronts Lake Crescent, located in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington. There are so many wonderful parks with walking trails in this area you could never walk them all.

A view of the Old Santee Canal in South Carolina. Once an important method of transporting goods across the south, the canal was made obsolete by railroads.

Beautiful red rocks and sand near the reservoir of Quail Lakes State Park near Hurricane, Utah. The sunsets here highlight and intensify the color.

We discovered this waterfall in the Red Cliffs Recreation area while geocaching. Part of the reason I enjoy the hobby of geocaching so much is that you find these gems that you'd never see from your car.

Dusk at Quail Lakes State Park near Hurricane, Utah. There is a nice area for camping in the park, although we were staying at a member park nearby.

Weeping Rock at Zion National Park. You walk a short, steep path to get here and you can stand under the falling water while you enjoy the tap dance of the water hitting the rock floor in front of you.

The area of La Pine, Oregon is blessed with several lakes and the Newberry National Volcanic Monument with its huge flows of obsidian. Paulina Lake is part of the National Monument area which sits in stark contrast to the rocky black obsidian obilisks.


No_Newz said...

Beautiful! Thanks for taking us along for the ride, again. :)

Coll said...

Our world is really so very incredibly beautiful. Amazing photos.

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