Sunday, July 15, 2007

No Rest on a Lazy Sunday

This morning Denny and I are taking my mother out to breakfast and then we'll all trek over to the estate sale for final price marking and a "walk through" to make sure every item is priced and in its place. The actual sale will be on Tuesday and Wednesday and those will be two long days for all three of us. Patches now hides in protest when she sees us start gathering our things preparing to leave in the morning--all this activity and work is a big change for all of us.

Because my mind is jumping around trying to remember if we've done all we should for the sale, I've gathered a hodgepodge of pictures. In no discernable order and for no rhyme or reason other than they struck my eye at the moment, here you have today's Lazy Sunday pix:

It is very difficult to get a picture of any of the upper, middle or lower waterfalls at Gooseberry State Park in Minnesota due to the popularity of the park. You are allowed to wade and climb around all three and the public takes full advantage of that fact.

There are two sets of waterfalls in the Pattison State Park in Wisconsin, the 165 foot Big Manitou Falls and this, the 31 foot Little Manitou Falls. Denny and I were able to spend an hour here and only see about three other people during that time.

The chapel at the U.S. Air Force Academy is an impressive piece of architecture. The inside is even more striking. You are allowed to tour some of the grounds, but after the events in the fall of 2001 much of the area is restricted.

Early man's architecture; much different than that of the Air Force Chapel yet no less impressive for the effort it took to build this 320 foot wall of buildings back in 1100AD. These are the Aztec ruins at the Aztec Ruins National Monument near Farmington, New Mexico.

While not as big as the Grand Canyon, the Black Canyon of the Gunnison is still an impressive place to visit. We spent an entire day wandering this lovely national park.

We're having a spectacular sunrise this morning but I'm still in my pajamas so there's no picture of that today. Instead, I'll wrap this up with a sunset from my favorite campground in Gold Canyon, Arizona.


No_Newz said...

It's beautiful there! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Good luck with the estate sale. :)

Nancy said...

Lovely pictures as always!

Hey... another good thing about the Ford Focus....less money for gas!

Coll said...

Love the photos. You are so fortunate to have experienced all of these places in person.

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