Saturday, July 28, 2007

Shake, Shake, Shake

Shake, shake shake; shake your...coyote urine?

The deer are winning. Yesterday Denny had to yank a tomato plant that was eaten to the point of total destruction. Now that we're THAT close to having red, ripe tomatoes, it's time to pull out the big guns; Shake Away Deer Repellent. We didn't find the granules at our local Ace Hardware store, but we found plastic packets that I tore open and sprinkled on the ground (Phew!) I don't know about the deer, but the smell would certainly keep me away!

The red peppers are getting huge, we're picking green peppers and the pimentos are getting sizeable also. The butter crunch lettuce is bolting in the extreme heat--it's really a spring time crop that didn't get planted soon enough. And FIL still says the tomatoes will be ripe after the full moon, but they are pretty green. We're certainly ready because BLTs just don't taste right with hothouse tomatoes.

We did get a nice break in our yard work yesterday when the oldest son of Denny's godfather stopped by with his wife to chat with us. In town for the funeral of a dear friend, and having just driven a fifth wheel from Seattle, Washington to this area in five days, we talked about rving and the lifestyle. Comparing places we've visited in Florida, Denny and I discovered his friends had stayed at some of the same campgrounds. It was nice to see Ken and Bonnie after so many years and even nicer to talk about traveling with people who loved it as much as we do. Since Denny and I are seriously considering wintering in Florida this year in case we need to handle yard and gardening chores again next year, we may be able to meet up with Ken and Bonnie down there. While strangers in a campground are simply friends you haven't yet met, it is nice to catch up to folks you really know occasionally for some reminiscing .

Goof off day today.

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Coll said...

Darn those deer anyway.

Here's hoping this repellant keeps them away.

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