Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's 5 O'clock Somewhere, Right?

My dear friend Vicki and I have been looking for a decorative outdoor flag that states "It's five o'clock somewhere" that we can plant outside our respective trailers because we love cocktail hour. Today by 1:30PM I knew it had to be 5 o'clock SOMEWHERE!

It all started at the ENT's (Ear, Nose and Throat specialist) office where I had taken my mother in an attempt to figure out why she is suddenly suffering from balance problems. While there Mom suffered a coughing fit (she's a life long smoker who now has COPD) and almost fell to her knees in pain when her back spasmed. I got her home and in bed, but when she tried to get up to walk to a chair she was unable to straighten up due to the pain in her sides and back and was unable to walk. Naturally, when I called her doctor's office I discovered he was on vacation so I called an ambulance because I didn't have the strength to carry her to the car and she couldn't walk. Long story short, the x-rays showed no fractures and it was deemed a lumbar strain/sprain and Mom was sent home with pain meds and muscle relaxants.

Since we were in the middle of a garage sale, we were fortunate that my aunt and uncle were there to help us run the sale as they had to take over for us. Another aunt had come along to be a "watcher", one who keeps an eye out for thieves, so it was good that my aunt and uncle had a third set of hands to close the sale down and carry everything into the garage to lock up for me. My brother left work to sit with me at the ER since Denny was stuck in Cinci without the truck (I have it while staying with my mother) so Don was able to stay with our mother while I picked up prescriptions and something to eat that might perk up Mom's appetite, although that's a losing battle too.

So, at 6:45 after a shot of morphine and a dose of muscle relaxants my mother is down for the count and I'm hoping she'll be able to sleep for a few hours. I'm kind of wound up, so I'll go out in the garage and start sorting and separating those items we're going to donate to charity that haven't sold at the last couple of garage sales and pack away the rest for another time. A little mindless entertainment like "So You Think You Can Dance" will round out the evening and then I'll crash too.

And tomorrow is another day....

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Deana said...

If I ever see that flag I will send it your way!!!

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