Friday, November 27, 2009

Men Are From Mars

I should have gotten a picture; we had a repairman out fixing a broken spring latch in our awning. It's a repair you don't want to do on your own due to the danger of the tightly wound spring, plus there are no RV parts places nearby. So the gentleman who works out of our campground got the part for us and stopped by with it today to install it and before long there was a crowd of men in front of our trailer. Just supervising, of course. Bored, curious, just wanting to help or wanting free advice from the repairman while he was "in the area" as it were, there were five or six guys there at any given time for the duration of the repair.

This gathering of men is a routine phenomenon in campgrounds; raise the hood of your truck and two or three guys will wander over, one of them offering a bigger, more powerful version of whatever tool or device you have in your hand. Climb a ladder and wax your rig and there's a discussion of oxidation removers, the best wax/polish or dry-washing system or chamois versus microfiber as polishing cloths. It's as if men need an excuse to congregate and chat, whereas women will just stop and be neighborly because you step outside for a moment. It tickles me every time I see it happen.

It takes so little to entertain me.


Anonymous said...

So little to entertain you, eh? Probably why our phone conversations are so much fun! :D

Thanks for the laughs today.

Anonymous said...

so true, so true!

-not referring to the 'it takes little to entertain you' part but rather the coming together of men and machines. :-)

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