Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Party's Over

What a great looking group, eh? (That's a nod to our new Canadian friends in the group). Gary, Donna, John, Denny, me, Dee, Dan, Don and Vicki. We were apre' Happy Hour and pre-dinner at this point. John and Gary cooked ribs on the grill, Don grilled burgers, and we all brought side dishes. It was our last hurrah, as Denny and I, Don and Vick and Dee and Dan all left Myrtle Beach today. Denny and I headed towards Savannah, the other two couples were going to northern Georgia to sit facing a lake and continue the party.

We're talking about all meeting up same place, same time next year. Denny and I would still be in Seattle, Washington in early September and that's a long haul to get to MB by the first week of October. But oh, what a month it was here at the beach, even if it was a month of not really doing anything. And that makes that prospective cross country trek sound awfully tempting despite the miles.

Adios, Myrtle Beach.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a most marvelous time! Love the photo.. it will be a grand keepsake. Friends and a beach... paradise for sure. :-)

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