Monday, November 23, 2009

Not There

I see y'all were checking in yesterday; still looking for the Lazy Sunday posts? Yeah, that ain't happening. This year I took relatively few pictures since we really haven't traveled; we were in one place in Ohio for eight months dealing with my mother and afterwards her estate and that didn't make for shots of scenic vistas, believe me.

Lately we've been preoccupied with the old and the new trailers. En route to our current campground we had a tire blow on the interstate (fortunately we both heard the "pop" and stopped quickly before the tire self-destructed) and the gremlins have set in now that we have found a buyer for the old trailer. You know, little things have started to go wrong that we'll now have to fix before turning the trailer over to the new owner. Seven years of constant usage and thousands of miles of road travel will do that; things are bound to jiggle their way loose.

Therefore we're going to be busy ordering a new tire, fixing the glitches, finding campgrounds in Illinois and Indiana and Arkansas that will be open mid-winter for our trip up and back to Indiana (campgrounds close due to the fact that their water lines freeze up if not properly buried, insulated or drained) and digging through cupboards, closets and drawers seeing what we can get rid of before we have to transfer items out of one trailer and into another. Because carrying boxes and drawers full of "stuff" down three steps from one rig and up three steps to another for hours gets very wearing. This will be the fourth time we've switched belongings from one RV to another and it ain't fun. You think you lead a simple life with very few belongings other than the necessities, but it's pretty amazing how many necessities there are. Each transfer has taken us two days just to move everything from one rig to the next and that's just hauling the stuff out and in. That doesn't include having to put it all away in a new place, and then moving a lot of it again later because you rushed it to get out of the dealer's lot and back on the road and wherever you put it at the time is really not convenient or logical. Yeah, been there, done that.

All of which should explain the lack of scenic photographs and lyrical posts about the beauty of the area. At least for now.

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SkippyMom said...

Believe me, if you see me hanging around your blog it is because I am still living off the beauty of the MB, SC photos :) They are so great. They'll do for now, eh?

Sorry about the tire, but just think - in less than 6 weeks you will be in your new home and making new adventures! YAY for the most awesome-ist of Christmas presents - worth the work, I say :).

And just make sure the liquor cabinet is fully stocked when you turn over your old trailer - that way, perhaps, the new owner won't notice all the glitches you might've missed! heehee

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