Tuesday, November 03, 2009

An Update

SkippyMom mentioned she needed an update on the Happy Hour menu for tonight. Tonight a group of 8 of us will be going to the Liberty Steakhouse to partake of their BOGOF offer on entrees. So I'm not sure what the drink of the day will be until we see their menu.

In the meantime, over the past two weeks we've had: Calypso Margaritas, Blue Moon Margaritas, Blue Chouters, frozen margaritas, Mojitos, Amaretto Sours, Jellyfish Shooters, Cabernet Savignon, Bourbon and 7, beer (for the guys)Drunken Arnies, Palisades, Tequila Sunrises, Beachy Keens and Cosmopolitans. I'm sure Vicki will remind me of any I have missed; we've repeated the Amaretto Sours a couple of times. I have to come up with a new one for tomorrow since another couple will be arriving tonight to join the crowd. Plus a new hors d'oeuvres to go with it.

Hmmmm. I think perhaps some Honolulu Hammers might hit the spot.


Deana said...

I think the jellyfish shooter sounds fun, never had it! Toast to the Honolulu Hammers!

SkippyMom said...

I am loving the Jellyfish shooters video! Can't wait to make some.

Now where's my Velveeta and Easy Cheese? ;)

Anonymous said...

This just sounds like sooo much fun!!

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