Monday, January 04, 2010

Another Time(Zone)

It's 4:30AM Mountain Time and I'm up because my body says it's 5:30AM Central Time. Heck, it REALLY thinks it's 6:30AM Eastern Time because I haven't yet moved out of THAT mode. The real reason I'm up is because I heard Patches scratching at the carpet, which means that she once again peed just outside her litter box.

We've thrown a lot at her the last month; new trailer and being moved back and forth daily between the old trailer and the new one while work was being done inside the new one. Then I accidentally crushed her litter box with the bedroom slideout when I forgot to move the box to a larger open area. And when looking for a new box (none of which was as large as what she is used to) I found a new set of cat dishes and bought them. Dumb, dumb, dumb. She is a creature of habit and boy did I throw new stuff at her; now the carpet is paying the price.

December was a month of travails rather than travels for all of us. I'm hoping that once we settle into a routine of moving weekly/bi-weekly rather than daily the three of us will relax more and that the kitty "accidents" will stop before the new carpet is totally ruined.

So, how has YOUR morning gone?


SkippyMom said...

Oh, poor Patches. Hopefully when you are settled she will be too.

Maybe you can order a cat box online when you arrive? Or let us know and we can pick up the right size and send it along, 'kay? Just email me.

You didn't get rid of her other dishes did you?

Give her a pet and a lot of love from us. And try and get a nap!

Don said...

Love the new pic on your blog! Do you really have a 2011 Grand Canyon?

Linda and Denny said...

Don, yes it is indeed a 2011 Grand Canyon. The RV manufacturers are now offering 2011 models in November of 2009 for whatever reason that makes no sense to me. Even the dealer couldn't explain it.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping that Patches is doing better these days. Just wondering.. could some of the stress have led to a bladder infection or bladder crystals. Quite common in cats.. and usually easily fixed with antibiotics (sometimes a special diet)

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