Friday, January 15, 2010

Weather Alert

My weather icon on the computer is yellow this morning for a weather alert. Since the radar on the screen shows nothing, I open the alert to's going to RAIN! Monday, Tuesday and MAYBE WEDNESDAY! OMG!

Okay, seriously though, when it rains in the desert it's like six inches of snow on the roadways in the Midwest; people forget how to drive. Admittedly, the rain mixing with the oil and dirt on the roadways here makes the pavement slippery, but the big danger is the flooding on the roads and in the washes that cut across the secondary roads. When it rains in the desert, it often rains hard and quick so that the soil/sand does not have time to absorb the rain and thus flooding quickly ensues. And people try to drive through the water, not understanding how quickly it flows through the washes and how deep it quickly becomes and so they become stories on the six o'clock news either as a rescue victim or as a drowning victim.

And thus, a weather alert because it's going to RAIN!

1 comment:

SkippyMom said...

Funny. See, we who have lived through the snow find this funny, but the way you describe it does make it sound dangerous.

I hate people that think they can drive [normally] in inclement weather. Then when the get in an accident they blame the weather. Um, no. It is your stupid driving.

Vert word is indststr. Which seriously needs more vowels for me to do anything with. I got nothing.

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