Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rock and Roll

We had a bit of rain over the past two days; as always in this area roads had to be closed due to flooding.  There are very few areas in this part of the world that have storm sewers so during downpours there is no place for the rain water to go once it hits the hard packed desert sand and gravel.  Wind gusts of up to 60 mph blew down shallow-rooted palo verde trees and snapped our neighbor's flag pole.  And the winds caused the Superstition Mountains to disappear from view when we looked out our rear window as shown in the above pictures.

All of which meant it was a good time to shop for wood for shelving and for metal shelving units to create more space in our bins and cupboards.  A couple of cupboards inside the fifth wheel were rearranged to better accommodate our "stuff" and we picked up some brochures on pull-out shelving as an idea for future creativity on Denny's part.  We also picked up a new water filtration system that we'll be trying in an effort to have some consistency to the taste of our drinking water/ice cubes in our travels.  If it works as advertised, then we'll put the name on our fulltiming website for others to try.  Denny will probably install it when we hit Yuma next week.  First he has to figure out how he's going to tap into the refrigerator water lines since we'll do that rather than drill through the Corian countertop by the kitchen sink.  The refrigerator in our new rig has an water dispenser in the door, so Denny plans on just connecting the water filtration system to that.  All of which means there may be some curse words flying around in the Yuma area sometime next week.  Fair warning.


SkippyMom said...

Okay going out on a limb here, since you are in an RV with an RV fridge - but your water on the door fridge has a filter in it - it is very hard to see - but we found it.

Are you sure yours doesn't already have one? [Don't smack me, kay?] I mean what is the point of having water on the door if the fridge doesn't filter it?

Just curious. [We didn't know ours had filtration until the filter got old and the water started to taste funky - then we asked around and duh!]

Linda and Denny/RV Vagabonds said...

The relevant part is "RV fridge". Different from residential, apparently, in that there is no filter on the water line. We checked, the service techs at the RV dealer checked, we read through the owners' manual. No mention of a water filter.

Word verification is prica; what we call RV manufacturers who "cheap out" when building their rigs.

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