Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Not in the Mood

The notice came up this week for the renewal of my website; the poor thing has been sadly neglected the past two years while Denny and I sat in one place working at our parents' homes. It's hard to keep up a travel website and blog when you are not traveling. I also just haven't been in the mood; a lingering bit of depression/grief? Who knows? But I haven't had much to say.

Yesterday was a sociable day for Denny and I; we went with a group of folks to see Avatar at the Imax, although poor Denny sat with his eyes closed through most of it. He gets nauseous on amusement park rides and the movie is one, big, long ride. Afterwards friends Barb and Rene hosted a chili dinner followed by an evening of Mexican Train (big with RVers). Much tippling and laughter ensued.

Today we'll work on finishing the new shelving that Denny built. I have to take some of the weight out of the cupboard on one of the slideouts as it's throwing off the alignment of the slideout. Since I need to coat the shelves with polyurethane I have to do it today; the dreaded thunderstorms/major flooding/impending doom are coming tomorrow.

That's the agenda for now.


SkippyMom said...

I am confused [again, what's new?] but does blogger [] require you to pay/renew? Am I missing a website you have?

I have heard from A LOT of people that Avatar has that effect. I have no desire to watch blue people/computer graphics so no fear here...but what did you think of it? Think our youngest is old enough for it?

Sounds like you had a good time with you friends. We actually received a set of Mexican Train for Christmas but haven't played yet. Sounds like fun.

Hope the thunderstorms/flooding/doom pass you by. If not - be safe. Hugs.

Word vert is "glitze" - Yep, you know it my "bed bling" is so glitze

Linda and Denny/RV Vagabonds said...

Not bl*gger but the RV Vagabonds website (check the links list).

The youngest is old enough; there's death and violence but it's not all that graphic. Believe me, I hate blood, guts and gore movies. I found the computer graphic fascinating and am awed at the work involved to create the movie, but that's how my mind works. Less on the movie and more of "how'd they do that?" Don't get me wrong, the movie draws you in.

Mexican Train IS fun, part luck, part strategy. Try it.

Good one on the word vert!

Anonymous said...

I understand your mixed feelings about renewing your website. I too let mine go last year. After having it for 6 years there was some hesitation but not much. :-) Now I am starting to feel somewhat the same way in regards to my blog.. but will probably just readjust my attitude instead of stopping it all together. With facebook and flickr,etc.. one can only spend so much time online. :-)

Roland and I saw Avatar last week (reg. movie theater.. not Imax) and loved it. We are talking of seeing it again once it gets to our Imax theater.

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