Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunset on the Superstitions

As I was fixing dinner last night I glanced out our back window and saw the sunlight on the Superstition Mountains behind us.  Over a period of nine minutes I took these photographs which admittedly are of poor quality, my excuse being if I took them outside from ground level I would have been 3 feet lower and therefore most of the shots would have been blocked by the chain link fence and the house across the street.  So the images are marred by the interior lights reflecting on the windows, but I wanted to show the wonderful play of light on the mountains along with the beautiful clouds.  Pretend you don’t see the manufactured home, the power lines and the flashbacks, okay? ‘kthx.20100123sunsetajAZ2 [1024x768]20100123sunsetajAZ3 [1024x768]
20100123sunsetajAZ4 [1024x768]
20100123sunsetajaz5 [1024x768]
20100123sunsetajAZ6 [1024x768]
20100123sunsetajAZ7 [1024x768]
20100123sunsetajAZ8 [1024x768]
20100123sunsetajaz9 [1024x768]
20100123sunsetajAZ10 [1024x768]
20100123sunsetajAZ11 [1024x768]
20100123sunsetajAZ12 [1024x768]


SkippyMom said...

The clouds against the mountains are awesome - love the colors. Digging the palm trees too. Don't see many of those with mountains as a backdrop that I can recall. :)

Anonymous said...

A wonderful show of light. And very different vegetation in these photos than what I am used to. :-)

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