Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Yup, that's the perfect word for this Christmas season. Denny and I opted for a two week stay and it just isn't enough time when we have to squeeze in the long drive to New York to visit the grandkids over the holidays in addition to all we need to take care of here in Ohio. By January 1 we'll be frazzled and faced with the ten hour drive back to Georgia. Three days later we'll be starting our 1800+ mile journey to Arizona in our quest for warmer temperatures. I figure by February we'll be relaxed again-heh.

We do this to ourselves because we don't have a home that can be opened to family and friends in large numbers. In our fifth wheel six people inside is a crowd and it only sleeps two (us) comfortably. Thus, we return to Ohio to see those faces we love, while whining about the cold, rushing hither and yon and generally exhausting ourselves until the next time. But that first quiet morning when I look outside and see pristine snow sparkling in the early morning light while the Christmas tree lights suffuse the room behind me in a warm glow, knowing family is near...ahh, that's Christmas. And I know we'll be back.

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Coll said...

Christmas is such a hectic time. Some day I hope to maybe celebrate it on a beach .. someday. :-)

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