Sunday, December 10, 2006

Lazy Sunday Christmas Mood

Next weekend Denny and I will be driving about 650 miles to Ohio for the holidays. We'll be shopping, wrapping presents, decorating my mother's house, visiting, taking care of doctors' visits, driving to New York to see the grandkids and all sorts of stuff so I'm getting in my kinda-Christmas-themed Lazy Sunday pix in early.

It's 27 degrees right now and instead of a white Christmas I'm dreaming of a warm desert. For the moment, what I've got is a warm cat on my lap. It's just not the same.

My mother decorates her Christmas tree with antique ornaments and places antique toys and decorations under the trees. This papier mache' Santa is a sample.

A snowy morning in Ohio. This was the beginning of a record snowfall for the year.

My, oh my. Denny loves Santa! Thankfully we visited in the fall, rather than winter here in Colorado. Too much snow for us warm-blooded creatures.

Darb and Net got me this cute "birthday cake" made of flowers. And I still think I get gypped on my birthday since it's so close to Christmas! How mature.

For several years my mother put up an antique Christmas tree made of dyed feathers. Okay, it was valuable and okay, it was unique, but you couldn't put lights on it so it wasn't a real Christmas tree. Now we put up a genuine artificial tree. Heh.

How one family decorates for Christmas in Folkston, Georgia.

How we decorate for Christmas in our house. Less is more, right?


Coll said...

What a lovely birthday cake. Hope you had a wonderful day. My hubby just celebrated his birthday on the 8th.

Linda and Denny said...

Thanks, Coll. Actually, my birthday isn't until the 21st--that was just a picture of a past floral tribute from my youngest son. This month I'll be able to stay at a 55 & over campground legally--these past years I've been sliding in since Denny is a few years older than I.

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