Friday, December 15, 2006

We Made It!

I wasn't thinking when Denny suggested I drive first today on our 680+ (the mapping program was wrong)mile trip home. I figured since I'm used to getting up early I would be the more bright-eyed and busy-tailed of the two of us, which would be a good thing because heavy morning fog was predicted. What I didn't remember is that the first leg of the journey included driving through Atlanta during morning rush hour traffic. AAARRRGGGHHHH. How do people live like that? Driving to work in that mess every day? People in large cities, I salute you!

We had purchased a new Patricia Cornwell audio book for the trip since her books have lots of characters and intricate plots and that made the ten+ hours go by quickly. Patches slept most of the trip, for which we were exceedingly grateful. A stop for our favorite local burgers on the way to my mother's house and we were set.

It always feels like we're moving in when we come home for the holidays because we have gifts, cat supplies and unused items that we'll place in my mother's garage for her next garage sale as well as our luggage for a two and a half week stay. Of course the bad part is that we haul equally as much back to the rig when we leave! Someday I'm going to manage to leave with less than we came with. If I'm not careful we could lean towards the top end of our weight bearing limit in the fifth wheel and that's not good on the suspension, the truck's transmission or our fuel mileage.

In the meantime, I've attached our wireless router to my mother's computer so we can use our laptop with her DSL service, I'm unpacked and I've checked out all the gifts I ordered online that I had shipped here for safekeeping. Patches is exploring the house that was familiar to her as a kitten but which she has forgotten in the four months since we left here in August. The bad part is, now she's big enough to spring to the top of cabinets where my mother displays antique glassware so we are all going to have to train ourselves to close off doors when we're not in the room to avoid CATastrophes. Hmm, not having knick knacks and tall furniture in our fifth wheel has lulled us into a false sense of security with her.

It's now time to think about hauling out the Christmas tree and decorating it and working on getting the rest of our Christmas shopping done. There's a brand new mall to explore just outside the Kettering city limits (and they have a Cheesecake Factory I hear!), people to see, things to do. I think I've just made myself very tired.

'night all.


Nancy said...

Glad you made it safely!

Coll said...

I, too, often wonder about those that must deal with rush hour traffic on a daily basis. How do they do it??
Have a wonderful time with your Mom. Patches will most likely settle down once she has complelely investigated every little thing. :-)

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