Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Woods Golf Course in Cochran

The links-style Blue course.

The wooded red course.

A nice surprise waited for us in the tiny little town of Cochran, Georgia. There are not one but two golf courses in town, both reasonably priced. But for our outing yesterday we chose the Woods Golf Course because they feature three nine-hole courses. The Red and White courses are wooded, rolling hills and the Blue course is a links-style course. We arrived in the late morning and were able to get right on the course with no waiting.

The golf course itself is well-maintained in spite of seeing a lot of play for the area. There's even a small campground right beside the course and a lot of the campers were taking advantage of the proximity to the golf course to play. The price is terrific; at this time of year it costs $17.30 to play 18 holes with a riding cart and we used our Golf Card discount which cut $7 per person from the price so we each paid $10.30 for 18 holes with a riding cart. We loved that!

The town of Cochran certainly isn't a destination town, but it might be worth your while to drive down from Macon or Warner-Robins to play this course. We think you'd enjoy it.

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Coll said...

Such a beautiful spot. I seems a little strange to not be looking at a snow covered landscape.

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