Monday, December 25, 2006

Not a creature was stirring

...they were all watching "The Christmas Story" for the umpteenth bazillion time. Apparently that has become the tradition here at the R*** household (name withheld to protect my mother) by tacit agreement. The whole kit and kaboodle was glued to the set while Denny and I did the cleanup chores. Which worked for us.

Did you all have a good Christmas? For all my grousing, we did too. Darb surprised me with two CDs full of old our family pictures that he scanned and burned onto a disk. That was wonderful gift and apparently he plans to continue to work on the job for me. Because, you see, he became "keeper of the albums" when we sold the house and contents after the boys took what they wanted/needed of our "stuff". Denny got good golf stuff, my mom got lots of warm clothes since she's always cold anymore and Darb got his personalized iPod so he has lost the excuse of jogging being boring without music. Heh.

The siblings and nieces and nephews are gone now and the house is quiet once again. We'll relax for a while before Denny and I start to pack a few things for our trip to New York tomorrow. I think we'll leave early to try to beat most of the snow that's predicted because I think a lot of it will come tomorrow afternoon. I think by that time a cup of coffee with a shot of Bailey's in it will sound pretty good and I'm sure the hotel's bar can set me up with that. The hotel sits on Grand Island so we'll be able to watch the snow falling on the Niagara River against a background of Christmas lights. If the weather clears for a day or so I'll try to drag Denny to Niagara Falls at night for a few photos of the falls all lit up. I don't think New York has had enough cold weather for the falls to start freezing yet, which is a wonderful sight at night with all the colored lights.

Cross your fingers for good driving weather for us and I'll post some pictures in a day or so. Safe travels to all of you going home.

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