Friday, May 11, 2007

90 Feels Good

The RV Vagabonds got out of Dodge a day ahead of schedule. It ended up being 104 in Bullhead City today according to the Internet while the temperature here in Sun Valley was "only" 90. Our next stop of Tijeras, New Mexico promises to be another ten degrees cooler still, which means the chances of playing golf or going geocaching are mucher greater this coming week. Therefore we left a day early in Arizona to have an extra day in a much cooler clime in New Mexico. If we were smarter, we would have left three days ago-heh.

The picture posted above is a Gambel's Quail. This is a male of the species which is similar to the California quail. The difference is the California quail has a speckled chest and brown patch on its belly, while the Gambel's quail has a solid cream-colored breast and black belly patch. I love these little guys. We spotted a mama quail and several tiny little chicks high on the hill behind our trailer, but they moved too quickly before I could grab the camera and they never returned while we were there. But this guy posed in a nearby tree for me until Patches decided that perhaps she could climb the tree to catch him.

*Note to self. Do not take the cat along if you want to take bird pictures.*

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Soulknitting said...

Great description on the quail. Wonder if we have those up at Red Rock? Pppttttpppp (sticking my tongue out at you)!! Leaving the heat. Just great....I couldn't drag myself to the boat last night because it was going to be 100* sometime today and I just didn't want to face it. Ug. Do NOT email me and tell me how great the 70* heat is ANYWHERE on your trip. Do you hear me???? Hehhehhe. Safe journeys. Pray for rain.

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