Thursday, May 31, 2007

Steam Heat

Summer in the mid-west; a thick haze of heat extending to the horizon that fogs the edges of everything you see. We've arrived.

The nice folks at the campground put us in the back 40 when we said we'd like an area clear of trees (the main camping area is heavily treed). It's true, there are no trees beside us but across the driveway are old growth trees that are a good 80 feet tall. Not so good for trying to get a satellite signal this far north. Two hours in the sun and humidity and Denny and I looked like we were unwilling participants in a wet tee-shirt contest. Yuck.

But we're here for the duration. Strawberries are in, we surprised my mom by arriving in town early showing up on her doorstep (literally) with Big Boys and onion rings in hand (a coming home tradition) and tomorrow Denny and I driving to Cinci to check out his dad's garden and see what we need to do there. Looking around our campsite I'm already thinking about hauling some rock out of the dry creek bed across the driveway and making a small flower bed around the tiny cedar tree at the edge of our site to brighten up the "yard" a bit. Nesting. For the duration.

1 comment:

Nancy said...

OH!! If you do, please post a pic...

I hope you get to enjoy long walks under those big trees. I miss going on long walks under trees, never worrying about how far I went..

(note to self: quit whining)

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