Sunday, May 27, 2007

Lazy Sunday Seen in Passing

Here in Indiana everyone is worried that the rain is going to wash out the Indy 500. The young families at our campground are more concerned with keeping the young'uns busy and happy in the confined quarters of a trailer or cabin. Denny and I have been quite content to sit and watch the rain and play on the computer, while Patches looks sadly out the window wondering why I won't take her for a walk.

This week's Lazy Sunday photos are of things we saw along the interstate this past week. I took a ton of pictures but the jarring ride of rough concrete meant a lot of fuzzy pictures and the deep haze of high humidity added a blurry fog to other shots. Thank goodness for digital cameras where you can just delete the bad pictures instead of having to pay to have them developed.

This huge cross on I-40 at exit 112 in Texas was billed as the largest cross in the nation. However... Teutopolis, Illinois we saw the same cross, sans sign or any information. It was just there.

This McDonald's restaurant is also known as the "Glass House McDonalds". Located over the Will Rogers turnpike in Vinita, Oklahoma, it was once considered the largest McDonalds.

The Washington Monument in the Midwest?

Nope, simply the St. Louis, Missouri arch caught from the side.

The happy town of Watseka, Illinois.

Another happy town in Illinois, but I didn't see any signs for the name of the town here.

I'm SO confused!!

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