Sunday, January 06, 2008

A Late Lazy Sunday

Puny. My excuse is that I've felt puny all week. And it's been cold and that's not why snowbirds travel to Florida. For cold, we could have stayed in Ohio.

Denny and I did manage a couple of walks in our campground this week, although the stomach bug kept me pretty close to home otherwise. We agreed that we'll have to return to this campground for more exploration of the area; perhaps even as we work our way towards Ohio this spring.

I know that Spanish moss is a parasite, but that doesn't prevent me from enjoying the many trees drapped with it. Wouldn't this be a neat place at Halloween?

This is one of the horse trails in the park. There is a stables on the grounds, or you can bring your own horses to ride. The trail we were on followed the river; wouldn't it be fun to pack a picnic lunch and ride your horse to the river?

We wandered down a long road past the canoe rental area to find ourselves at a beach with fluffy white sand on the river. A white sand beach at a river? Yes indeed.

Fungus can take some fascinating forms, as this lichen covered piece of branch shows.

I felt like a fool when I asked this gentleman how old his foot operated scroll saw was and he told me "two years old". He said he built it after the hurricanes came through and knocked out the power. So he just built himself a manually operated scroll saw--after all, wouldn't you do the same? Sheesh.

The tannins of the fallen leaves of the trees here color the waters of the Suwannee River a deep, dark brown that is almost black on an overcast day. It was so quiet walking in the woods that day that Denny and I also walked in silence so we wouldn't spoil the effect.

Don and Vicki packed up their rig and loaded up their "hogs" to head towards Orlando today. I enjoyed having them near, although I still wasn't myself this week. We're talking about going to the Tampa RV Super Show together in a couple of weeks--perhaps with another couple there to "talk us down" Denny and I won't get crazy and order a new rig like we did the last time we went there six years ago!

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Coll said...

The vegetation is very different from what I am used to.. lovely pictures. I did not know that Spanish Moss is a parasite... but now that you mention it.. it makes sense although I too like its effects. Does it do damage to the trees?

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