Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lazy Sunday on Peace River

Whew! For a Lazy Sunday, I've been busy! I edited my RV Heaven post of a couple days ago to include a couple of pictures from the show. Friends Don and Vicki covered my rear for me by taking a few pictures of the rigs blogged about, so re-check that blog.

For today, the pictures are a review of our week here by the Peace River. We had a little problem with trees in getting our satellite signals, we've had rain when Denny and I went to the RV show and the winds actually managed to blow our larger satellite dish off line by shifting the tripod yesterday. But, we've met a lot of new people, played pickleball for the first time, took Brian and Judy geocaching to introduce them to yet something else to spend money on (heh), were intrigued by new RVs and Judy and I got crafty. A pretty busy week.

As soon as we were set up on our campsite, Judy and Biscuit came to visit. Patches did not appreciate a 5 month old Yorkie puppy in her house!

Brian wasn't so sure about geocaching, but he does like history, so this "virtual" geocache that took us to the Pioneer Museum worked for him.

Pretty pink flower, right? Notice the little brown balls on the same branch? Sticky, nasty burrs that got caught up in the fur on Biscuit's face, so that I had to pick them all off since it was my idea to walk the nature trail. Sorry, Biscuit!

Can you see the creature of the tree? I'm thinking he looks like the big white doggie-like creature in the "Neverending Story" movie. What do you think? This tree sits beside the nature trail in our campground.

No these folks aren't looking for "Stumpy", the three-legged alligator that lives in the river here. They are seining for fossils, finding sharks' teeth and bone fragments among other things. Sharks' teeth in a river????

The Peace River which runs along the perimeter of our campground here in Wauchula.

If this tri-colored heron and white ibis were comfortable searching for fish in the river, I can only assume Stumpy wasn't around.

A bad picture, but this is the result of my crafty-ness yesterday. Now I have something fun to wear while playing pickleball!

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Coll said...

It seems almost surreal to be looking at photos of people scantily dressed, enjoying the beautiful outdoors when here in Winterpeg we are confined to the warmth of our homes. I envy you this time of year. :-)

And what the heck is pickleball??

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