Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year...

...from sunny, albeit chilly Florida! Denny and I arrived in the early afternoon and after getting set up, drove to Don and Vicki's campsite where we wiled away the evening noshing on the tasty meatballs and dips provided by our host couple. Don made his fabulous margaritas to usher in the New Year, but unfortunately I had picked up a stomach "bug" in Ohio (thanks, sis) and wasn't up to full party mode. The campground was full of families here to enjoy the holidays and to celebrate the New Year, which meant riding around in their tricked-out ATVs a hootin' and a hollerin'. Good times.

A rather tipsy neighbor entertained us by stopping by several times to chat and took our picture for us, pre-party hats and horns unfortunately. By midnight my poor stomach had had enough and we made a rather hasty exit, sans the normal celebratory hugs and kisses, because I didn't want to pass the bug germs on to anyone. That's certainly no way to start the New Year!

Happy New Year to all and a very prosperous one, too. Even if you didn't put out a piece of bread, a penny and a lump of coal on your windowsill. You'll have to ask Vicki about that one.

1 comment:

Coll said...

Happy New Year Linda. How wonderful to be able to enjoy it in sunny Florida.
I so hope your stomach ailment went the way of 2007 and that the New Year has you feeling better.

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