Sunday, December 30, 2007

Lazy Sunday Holiday Review

There was no sightseeing the past two weeks, just 2500 miles of driving to and fro. Our past two weeks were the same as those of thousands of other people; shopping for gifts, decorating for Christmas, wrapping presents, baking, cooking and visiting with friends and relatives. So for this Lazy Sunday (although I'll be unpacking luggage and trying to find places for the Christmas presents all day) I'm giving you the RV Vagabonds holiday week.

The Yule festivities started at Denny's sister Connie's home with an Open House. She put out an amazing spread of hot and cold appetizers and deserts, each yummier than the last and each dish was beautifully arranged.

Denny's dad looks pretty dapper all dressed up, doesn't he? Sitting beside him is Denny's cousin Sandy, who just retired from her job a month ago. She relishing the prospect of having the time to do whatever she wants.

Denny's step-mother Jean on the left, his Aunt Helen in the middle and Helen's sister Mary on the right. It's rare when their mouths are still.

Denny's sister, Connie, relaxing a moment while everyone enjoys the atmosphere she created in her home.

There were additions to the brood in my side of the family; I'm a great-aunt twice over this year. Why is it that I'm content to be a "gramma" but the term "great-aunt" brings to mind a spidery old woman with her hair up in a bun, wearing a long black dress with a white shawl draped over her shoulders? Anyway, this is my niece Elaine and her 4-month old daughter Naura.

My sister Cheri holding her newest granddaughter, Abigail. The females outnumber the males in my family, big time.

The RV Vagabonds with son Darby and his wife, Net. Notice the goofy grins, which may or may not have something to do with the beverages in our hands.

The New York branch of the family. Grandkids Zach, Marissa and Kara made short shrift of the present opening and the normal chaos of three grandkids who haven't seen Grandma and Grandpa in months vying for our attention resumed. Therefore Grandma was too busy looking at whatever was being pointed out or discussed to take pictures. Sigh. Son Steve has his back to the camera as always and that's his wife Angela in the middle of the shot.

After the hullabaloo of all the Christmas activities, it was a pleasure to play in the motel's indoor pool with the grandkids. Here Kara and I are playing "follow the leader" on the steps of the pool. The Holiday Inn on Grand Island in New York sits facing the Niagara River so Denny and I can enjoy the view when we're not spending time with son Steve and his brood.

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Coll said...

Your pictures are so wonderful. It all looks so very nice. What a lovely family.

I too am becoming a great-aunt for the first time this March. I too don't like the images that come to mind. I think we must both do our bit to change the so-not-true-any-more stereotype. :-)

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