Friday, December 14, 2007

I'm Not in the Mood

...for Christmas nor in the mood for fighting with Blogger trying to figure out what they did with my header picture. Today we pick up the rental car and pack and deal with lists and I run around like a chicken with my head cut off. So I am NOT in the mood to deal with Blogger. Perhaps it will magically fix itself *snort*.

We did get out to play golf at The Woods here in Cochran and we basically had the entire 27 holes to ourselves for most of the round. Which allows us to take the time to practice our shots and putts when we hit a bad one and just enjoy the sunshine and warm weather.

The Woods has three sets of nine hole courses, the links-style course shown above and two wooded courses, one with more water holes than the other.

These turtles know how to relax on a warm, sunny day. At least their pond hasn't dried up in the drought yet.

The first headline of the online version of the Dayton Daily News this morning reads "Major Winter Storm Coming". The weather guys say there could be 4 to 8 inches of snow on the ground by Sunday morning. THAT'S just what we wanted to hear, knowing we're going to be driving through Kentucky and Ohio in the thick of it. Although I-75 carries so much traffic the roads may stay fairly clear. If not, there are plenty of motels along the way. One close call sliding off the highway is enough for me.

Blog posts will probably be erratic here for the next two weeks. You guys should be getting ready for Christmas instead of being on the computer anyway. Me too.

1 comment:

Simply Coll said...

Love the photo of the sunning turtles. :-)

Here's hoping your trip is a safe one.

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