Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Very Merry

In a few hours our various family members will start arriving, the food will be set out and presents exchanged while we catch up with what everyone has been doing. There are new babies this year, some changes in family dynamics and we're all getting older, but the constants remain; we'll stuff ourselves on too much food and someone will turn on the TV to watch "A Christmas Story". It seems to have become a tradition here.

Once everyone leaves, Denny, Mom and I will clean up and then Denny and I will pack up the car for our trip to New York to see our oldest son Steve and his family for a belated Christmas celebration. Steve called today to say that most of the snow fell over the last two days and that we should be okay, weather-wise, for driving to New York as it will get warmer there and no new snowfall is predicted. That's good news because we're a little out of practice when it comes to driving in snow. And I really don't want to practice driving in the snow, either, thank you very much. But it's always fun to watch the grandkids tear into their presents and to spend a couple of days spoiling them before leaving them for their parents to deal with-heh.

To all of you out there in blog-land, the RV Vagabonds wish you a very peaceful and harmonious day.

1 comment:

Coll said...

Your Christmas sounds lovely, Linda... surrounded by the warmth of family and good food.

Wishing both you and Denny a very Happy New Year.

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