Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Snowy Lazy Sunday

Actually, yesterday was the lazy day. Denny and I napped a couple of different times trying to make up for driving all night to beat the snowstorm. Today I was feeling a bit puny, but there is too much to do and too little time, so I can't get sick--it's just not allowed. I made Denny, Mom and I a hearty breakfast and then got to work dragging out the Christmas ornaments to decorate the tree. That is now finished, our Sunday afternoon popcorn has been eaten and I just realized I hadn't done my Lazy Sunday post. I'm going to be a day behind for our entire stay, I'm afraid.

Oh, if anyone has any idea on how I can get my header picture back to full size, I'd appreciate it because I sure can't figure it out.

The town of Leavenworth, Washington decided they needed a "hook" to attract tourists, so they went with a Bavarian village theme. With the snow covered mountains in the distance, you could almost believe you were in the Alps.

The Wenatchee River runs beside the town of Leavenworth, providing white water rafting and the opportunity for some nice snapshots.

This coyote trotted up the road towards us in the Joshua Tree National Park. It was pretty obvious he wanted to be fed, so I can only assume that other tourists had been doing it. Poor guy didn't get anything from us, though.

Perched in the middle of nowhere that is Rhyolite, Nevada, this artistic rendition of the Last Supper by Albert Szukalksi is striking and a bit disturbing. The sculpture is one of several pieces that sit in the desert waiting to be found by the few tourists that venture that way.

I have discovered in our travels that I have far too many preconceived notions about our country. I had assumed that Death Valley was a dry, arid place with nothing but sand, heat and the skeletons of dead animals (too much Death Valley Days as a child). Imagine my surprise when I saw snow on the mountains and an inch deep "lake" called Bad Water Lake in the heart of Death Valley. And wildflowers all around us.

I couldn't figure out how this rock stayed on top of the pile of boulders at Joshua Tree National Park since it appeared to be a little on the side of the pile, rather than right on top. To get an idea of the size, look towards the bottom of the picture to see the tiny little cars parked below.

This little guy lived under a shed on the grounds of our campground near Othello, Washington. He was stretching up to nibble on the dandelion leaves.

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Simply Coll said...

Such variety in your photos.. loved them all.

I too am wondering how that boulder keeps its hold.

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