Thursday, December 06, 2007

Quiet Time

We've geared down this week, simply enjoying the peace and tranquility of our campground. Denny and I have sat outside a couple of evenings with a camp fire watching the sun set and afternoons Patches and I have explored the campground. There are few people here and fewer still moving around outside, so Patches can wander to her heart's content. By allowing the cat to sniff and explore at her own pace, I discovered mistletoe in the trees up near the front of the campground and a tree full of cedar waxwings gorging themselves on the berries remaining on the branches. Carolina chickadees scold Patches as she stands at the base of their pine trees, wondering if she could gain the momentum to climb all the way to their perch. She soon decides that the grasshoppers jumping around her feet are more within her reach and it's not long before one is going down her gullet. The hunting urge is still strong in this cat.

Since Christmas is approaching I got out my beading supplies to make a few bracelets as "in case" gifts. I find it's difficult to bead with a cat around, as shiny, sparkly beads are hard to resist as something to bat around and play with. Plus it gains the cat a lot of attention from "Mom", even if it's negative attention. Just like a child. So one bracelet a day is all I manage.

Later this morning I'll put the final coat of polyurethane on the floor and then we'll toss the cat into the truck to do some grocery shopping and have lunch in town to give the floor a chance to dry a little before we get back. We're very pleased with how the floor looks and I have to say that it's much warmer in the morning than that icy cold tile we had before. And Denny's arm muscles are no longer sore--heh.

Soon it will be time to start making lists for our trip back to Ohio for Christmas. I've already started bugging our kids for their Christmas wish lists but I'm not holding my breath for them. I guess gift cards would work, but those seem so impersonal to me. I'm all for opening presents, myself. I guess I should have outgrown that by now, but nope, I'm a child at heart. Which at Christmas isn't such a bad thing, right?

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Simply Coll said...

Would you believe, I had no idea that you could find mistletoe in trees. I 'm not sure where I thought it came from.. Walmart, I guess. :-)

Your bead work looks so lovely.

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