Sunday, December 02, 2007

Lazy Sunday the Whole Week

Not only is it Lazy Sunday, but it was lazy whole week for us here in Georgia. Well, we did work on finishing off the flooring, which is still not quite done. I'm currently in the process of putting three coats of polyurethane on the wood laminate since the area gets heavy usage. I mean, the actual floor measurements of our living room/kitchen area is 7' x 16.5', one third of which is now the wood floor. That's the area we walk during our awake hours. The hard part was figuring out how to keep the cat off the wet floor, so we ended up taking her to the grocery store with us immediately after I got the first coat of polyurethane down, followed by a walk and then she and I hid out in the bedroom with the laptop computer for a couple of hours until the floor dried enough to walk on. Then it was time for the second coat and the second go-around of keeping the cat off the floor. Today will be the last coat, thank goodness.

So far this week the weather has been warm, cold and ehh. Greensboro is not big on scenic wonders, or places of historical interest, so we've been concentrating on getting things done on the trailer. November was an expensive month for us with all that went on, so it's nice to have a "cool down" period.

What all this blathering means is that the Lazy Sunday pictures are of the campground today.

Let's start off with a sunset. Our camp site is up on the hill overlooking Lake Oconee.

There is still a bit of color in the trees, although Georgia is suffering from a drought like so many states. There's a bit of mist on the lake and a train whistles in the distance.

A different series of train cars converted to cabins. These are lake front cabins with nice decks and their own docks if you happen to bring a boat.

This would have been a terrific camp site to have, if only we had known it was available. I would have been out every evening with my feet propped up in the railing photographing sunsets.

Lake Oconoee as seen from the docks of the cabins.

You don't realize how bad the drought has been until you walk down to the boat docks and see that the docks are now high and dry. Drinking water is becoming a precious commodity here in the south.

Once I saw the pink and orange sunset reflecting in the waters of Lake Oconee I wanted to walk down to the banks to get a better shot, but a neighbor had stopped by to talk to us so a shot from our camp site had to suffice. We were enjoying the camp fire and a glass of wine as well as the companionship; tomorrow night the temperatures will drop to the 20s so it may have been our last camp fire for a while.


Soulknitting said...

Hi!!! Wow, you've had a busy, busy, busy few weeks. Denny must be soooooooooooooo tired. The floor looks great though. I laughed AND admired your ingenious technique concerning getting the washer thru into the camper. Whew... and a NEW modem to boot. You're right, it has been an expensive month and I'd add a 'way too much work' month. At least you had good friends and beautiful views to make up for some of it. I'm finally back in LV though today I'm at the boat on wireless. I'm putting up holiday music every other day for the month, so go pull some of those tunes down and load them up to you blog. I'll email the url if you don't still have my parking site. I hope the situation at 'home' works out for the best. And thanks for NOT sharing the toilet pics. I redid the 'head' in my sailboat years ago. That was YUCK, just plain YUCKY. Poor Denny. Poor you. Poor Peaches. I hope you all are on the the way to having 'things' done and back to a more leisurely lifestyle soon. You're making me tired (gg).

Simply Coll said...

I have heard tell of the drought in the south. Seeing those pictures makes it very real. The lake looks so calm and peaceful. Right now it just seems strange to think that there are places not covered in snow.

p.s.. just so you know. Blogger is now only accepting comments from others who have Blogger accounts.. thus the simplycoll name and link.

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