Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Beware of Betas

Is there anyone out there who enjoys sitting in front of a computer for three hours working with a support tech person to work out a beta program bug? If so, would you like my seat at the computer?

I opted to be a beta tester for the newest version of Incredimail that was supposed to work with Windows Vista. The old version worked, kinda, but I have had great luck using beta programs in the past so I uploaded the new version. I should have given it greater thought when I read that once installed, you couldn't go back to your older version. That turned out to mean even if you did a system restore to a point a week prior to downloading the beta. Dang.

The scariest part was that the support tech worked on my program through the Windows remote access programs. Now that's scary stuff--someone in a third world country controlling your computer and making changes in your registry. Brr. I've had support tech cause a total computer meltdown in the past, so seeing my cursor floating around the screen opening this and closing that was just too weird and it made me very uncomfortable. The end result is that my e-mail program doesn't lock up now, but now it doesn't send or receive one of my e-mail accounts, no matter how many times I check and change the settings. Sigh. Beware of bugs in betas.

The frustration was high enough that I was willing to allow Patches to wander and sniff around the campground to her heart's content today. This is a quiet place with no kids running around nor are there a lot of people out walking dogs, so Patches is in seventh heaven. She can sniff all the bushes and cars and culverts looking for signs of other animals and little critters hiding under things, although she missed the chameleons near the clubhouse. The cool, crisp, crystal clear air was just what I needed to clear my head of all the things computer-related. I was able to appreciate the contrast of the brilliant scarlet train cars and cabooses scattered on the brown hillsides and the hunter green of the tall pines towering over them. The owners of the campground converted old train cars into rental cabins, activity centers and their office, which I think is extremely imaginative and fun.

I think we're going to like it here.

1 comment:

Simply Coll said...

Love the idea of the old train cars being recycled as cabins. Someone was certainly using their noggin. :-)

I so understand the beta thing. You are much braver than me. :-)

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