Saturday, November 10, 2007

Still Catching Up

Note: This post was written on Monday, November 5

Well, it's been a week and a day since we've had full access to Internet service and I must admit, Denny and I are suffering from severe withdrawal pangs. That makes it sounds like we're online for hours and hours (well, maybe on a rainy day), but actually what I miss is the ability to jump online to find a local tire dealer when we had the flat, or get the address quickly for the Ace hardward store, or find the phone numbers for our favorite restaurant or bakery. Or to get quick updates on the weather when the wind suddenly picks up and tosses our awning up in the air--things like that.

As of now, we're still awaiting a telephone call from the "local" (in North Carolina while we're in mid- South Carolina) installer. I've spent over three hours on the phone with Hughes support staff trying to get it through their heads that we are in a new location. Long story, very aggravating.

I guess if one is stuck without easy Internet access the best place to be is at the beach. We moved to a beachfront site on Sunday and today the trash haulers will be removing the huge dumpsters placed along the roadway for the "horse debris" so we will have a great view of the ocean after that. I will get pictures online eventually, even if I have to break down and pay the outrageous $10 daily fees by the local Wi-Fi connection that the campground contracts. Shudder. I've done that once so far and gritted my teeth the whole time I was online.

Don and Vicki have been a wonderful diversion for us. We're so used to making temporary, casual acquaintances at the campgrounds we visit, so it's been great having familiar faces that have history with us. We've had a happy hour almost every day as we nosh on a variety of snacks and play catch up plus talk about our full-timing lifestyle. The weather has been very cooperative about sending us gloriously warm sunshine-y days, although a cold front is due in late today and we may have to break out warmer clothes for the next few days. Still, we're AT THE BEACH!

Next up, major repair issues. Stay tuned.

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