Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Different Lazy Sunday

Sunrise over the Atlantic is not nearly as spectacular as sunset over the Gulf of Mexico, but there's a serenity to watching the surf in the early morning that almost makes up the difference. There have been a couple of cold, cloudless mornings that I've taken the lazy way out and watched the sun pop up from the ocean from the comfort of our fifth-wheel, coffee cup in hand and sleeping cat curled up on my lap. Other mornings as I stand in the stiff breezes I'll be the only one out on the beach for as far as I can see.

Standing there, the never-ending line of breakers create a rhythm that your heart and breathing try to match. As your body relaxes and sways to the pull of the sound of the surf your eyes search the waves for the dark comma of a dolphin jumping out of the water, silhouetted again the slowly brightening sky. A pelican, "whose beak holds more than his belly can", hurtles straight down from the sky with a speed that seems likely to break his neck when he hits the water and comes up with a silvery bite of breakfast. Some type of swallow skims the waves looking for goodness-knows-what type of insect so far from shore and moving faster than I'll ever be able to catch on camera.

I am centered here. This is my Lazy Sunday.

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