Thursday, November 01, 2007

Good News/Bad News Revisited

Our trip here was uneventful. Since we had paid in advance, our registration at the campground was quick and easy. We will have to move in 6 days to get to our actual beach front site, as those sites had all be reserved by horse people. Yes, horse people. Apparently sometime this week 1,200 horses will be at this campground. I'm not quite sure of the reason, perhaps only because it's much cooler here this time of year and 90% of the tourists have gone for the season.

The main sign that horses will be here are huge dumpsters sitting along the main driveway that are marked "For use for horses only". Gad, that will be a lot of horse poop! But I'm really looking forward to the sight of all those horses gathering here or galloping down the beach. It will be interesting to see how Patches reacts to them.

As Denny was backing our fifth wheel into our campsite while I guided him with hand signals (no, not those kind!), I was chatting with the folks sitting outside their motorhome in the site next to us. It turns out they are from northern Ohio and he was/is a police officer too. But a man standing with them walked to the other side of our trailer as I was preparing to put our stabilizing jacks down in the rear and pointed out a flat tire on the trailer. Gah! It was very hot, but not, thank goodness, shredded, which would have caused damage to the underside and side of our trailer. We know, because we've suffered through that before.

So before we could even take a look at the ocean or have lunch or relax a tiny bit, Denny had to jack up the trailer, pull the tire off and climb back in the truck to see if we could get the tire puncture plugged. Because yes, there was a huge nail imbedded in the tread.

A half-hour and a lot of money later we were out the door with a new tire. The old one had been sliced by the nail since we probably drove on it for quite some time. The manager handed me two carnations--I guess he thought I was upset by the hassle and expense or something. Hey, I was just glad the tire didn't blow out as we were traveling. Small favors.

Back to the campground, lower the trailer, put on another block of wood to try to get the trailer higher off the ground, dig out a bunch of sand because we can't get the rig higher and can't get the tire on the wheel. Thank goodness we're on sand. The tire is installed, the air compressor is put away, the cat is given a treat to make up for the fact that she's not getting a walk at the moment and off we go to find something to eat.

Welcome to Myrtle Beach.

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Coll said...

Good to hear that the punctured tire was found before further damage was done and that it has now been replaced. With that behind you.. Myrtle Beach sounds like so much fun.

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