Monday, November 26, 2007

Move on Down the Road

Yesterday the rvs left the campground in droves and today it's our turn. I'm going to miss the sound of the ocean and the scree of the seagulls, but it's time to move on.

Patches will be most vocal on this ride since it's been a month since she's been in the truck. She'll howl and caterwaul for at least 30 minutes and then settle down to snooze until we arrive. It will be a longish trip for us at 300 miles, but we'll be staying for two weeks this time.

I see by looking and Don and Vicki's pictures online that there are trees at the next campground--the bane of Denny's existence when it comes to putting up the satellite dishes. Add rain to the mixture and he'll be griping like crazy. Cross your fingers for an easy set up with a clear line of sight to the satellites.

1 comment:

coll said...

I hope you realize how reading of your adventures is part of my winter survival plan. :-)

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