Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Catching Up

I had written a few posts on the desktop computer when I assumed our satellite dish problems were only temporary. So I've had to transfer them to the laptop to get them online and I'll be adding them shortly. They will be a bit outdated, so bear with me since they were written last week. Here's the first one:

Okay, I told you about the flat tire and getting that fixed. What I didn't mention is that we haven't been able to get online using our satellite internet service since we stopped in Tennessee last week. I think it's a problem with our cables, but our signal meter that we use to locate the proper satellite isn't reading at all and often during our testing procedure the computer shows that we aren't getting any signal at all to attempt to get online.

One of the difficulties of traveling with a satellite system that's not supposed to be moved from location to location is that you can't call tech support at the company to get assistance. You have to rely on the network of other folks traveling around the country doing the same thing you are. That's all well and good if there's a wi-fi service in the area so you can hop on the laptop to connect to the internet to e-mail the group, but if you have no wi-fi then it's more of a problem trying to problem solve when you're sitting in a parking lot somewhere with free wi-fi while your satellite system is three miles away.

So last night after dinner we stopped at a new Home Depot (new major shopping center at the Highway 17 By-pass that wasn't here five years ago) and bought a couple of new cables to attach to the transmitter. Arrived home, attached them, still no signal. Denny gave up at this point because he was working by flashlight. Today, maybe we'll try switching another set of cables, but those are the ones that didn't work at the last campground, so it doesn't bode well.

Sometimes, when it rains, it pours.

But!! Good friends Don and Vick arrive at our campground today and will be here for two weeks with us. Yay! Plus, there is a heated pool here and they have a morning water aerobics program. A mile and a half walk up the beach will take us to the pier at the state park where they have scrumptious ice cream cones (I know, I'm talking exercise and ice cream in the same paragraph--that's how I roll). There will be horses in the campground. And we're at THE BEACH!

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