Thursday, November 08, 2007

Today Is Better

Note: This post was originally written on October 31. I'm too lazy to backdate it.

Today was a much better day than yesterday. No, the Hughes satellite system still isn't working and we have no clue when (if) one of their installers will call to make an appointment to come out to look at the system. Yes, we had to give in and call Hughes knowing we would be "outing" ourselves as folks who travel with a system that's supposed to be permenantly installed on a roof or pole at a residence. So be it.

But this morning I walked down to the indoor pool and did water aerobics with a group of very nice ladies and it felt so good! It was a cold walk back, because it was only in the 40s still, but the exercise was worth it.

Later in the afternoon as I was walking Patches I saw a familiar truck and fifth wheel combo pulling down the road towards us and sure enough, it was Don and Vicki arriving for their two week stay. Yay! Denny and I gave them a little time to unhitch and then became one of those semi-annoying couples who come over to visit while you're in the process of setting up your home and getting settled into your campsite. However, I came bearing a pitcher of Chi-chis, so I figured that made up for it some. We sat in the afternoon sea and salt tang of the air doing a little catching up and then made plans to go out to dinner together later.

Denny and I are starting our tenth year of traveling full time and we've been perfectly content just to meet new folks on the road and wander by ourselves but I must admit, it felt really good to see such beloved faces.

Life is good.

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