Sunday, November 25, 2007

Last Lazy Sunday at the Beach

It's hard to believe a month has passed since we arrived here in Myrtle Beach. As Denny said a week ago, it's been the most expensive places we've ever stayed, due to all the things that have turned belly-up on us and the projects we've started.

But it's also been one of our most enjoyable visits, due to the fact that we had dear friends staying at the same campground for a couple of weeks. I believe we had fun, but my memories are tinged with a bit of alcoholic haze--Vicki tested several of her favorite libations on me and we had each had to have several to make sure they were made properly. Whew!

Through it all, the beach and the surf have been the consistently good portion of our visit. Sunrises weren't always beautiful, sunsets were mostly blah, the weather varied from hot, to pleasant, to wind-driven sandy, to pretty darn chilly. But the peace and tranquility that the sound of the waves brought to me every time I stepped onto the sandy shore reminded me of why we keep coming back. Denny has promised me that if we end up working on his dad's garden again this coming summer our reward to ourselves will be another month at the beach. That's a happy thought.

We were promised a beachfront site once the horses left and this is what we saw out our living room windows once we moved. Not bad, huh?

The campgrounds along the Strand (Myrtle Beach is called the Grand Strand) are working hard to maintain the sand dunes, beach grasses and sea oats in an attempt to keep the sand erosion down. The softly rustling sea oats provide a counterpoint to the louder crash of the waves.

Some mornings I was the only person on the beach for a half-mile or so. Sleepy-heads miss out.

Some mornings there were no clouds on the horizon, so I just took pictures from the warmth of our trailer.

Thanksgiving weekend brought many more people out on the beach to watch the sunrise.

Often the sunrise would look like a sunset.

I'm going to have to work with the settings of my camera to figure out how to get a good shot of the full moon at night, but of course I won't have the surf reflecting the moonlight after tonight.

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coll said...

Unbelievably beautiful. I can't help but feel envious. Thank you so much for these lovely photos.

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