Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cryin' Time

Oh it's cryin' time again, you're going to leave me. I can tell by that faraway look in your eyes....

Don and Vicki pulled out today. Their plans are to work their way back to Georgia in time to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and family. We're staying here another two weeks.

Having old friends around a campground is unusual for us. Normally, we just make the acquaintance of people camped near us, chatting on a casual basis and figuring never to see them again once we leave. But in the past two weeks here at the beach there's been a lot of quaffing of liquid beverages and noshing on a variety of finger foods, while we gossiped about mutual acquaintances and caught up on what we all had been doing. A couple of times Vicki and I were out on the beach at sunrise, looking for beach glass and pretty shells while waiting for the sun to make its appearance. Our time together passed quickly and all too soon they were putting away the lawn chairs, loading up their motorcycles and driving down the road away from us.

The good news is we'll meet up again at New Year's at a campground in Florida for a week. We've got more memories to create.

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