Friday, November 09, 2007


Note: Still uploading old posts--this one is from October 31. The pictures will have to wait until I'm back to satellite upload speeds. Dial-up s*cks.

Horses to the left of me, horses to the right...horses as far as the eye can see. Early Wednesday morning the horse trailers started pouring into Lakewood Camping Resort. Big trailers, little trailers, fancy trailers, plain trailers. One horse, two horse, red horse, blue horse. Across from us are four horses in an electrified fence, behind us is the more standard metal tube corral with three horse and more to come. There are paints, piebalds, scewbalds, palominos, buckskins, roans, dappled grays--the colors and sizes and markings are gorgeous. I am in horse heaven here!

All of these horse people are here for the American Heart Association ride. They come from New York, Virginia, North Carolina and wherever for the opportunity to ride their horses on the beach--a once a year opportunity. Greeting are yelled to each other as yet another trailer pulls in and unloads another two or three horses and once folks are settled in some of them saddle up, grab the leash of their dog(s) and off they trot through the campground to visit. I grin with pleasure just watching them.

It will be noisy here until Sunday--there is a lot of whinnying and horsey verbal challenges going on. But I picked up a big bunch of carrots at the grocery store today and boy, am I going to be sucking up to some horse owners this week so I can live my childhood fantasy of being around horses all the time--at least for four days.

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