Sunday, December 09, 2007

A Foggy Lazy Sunday

The National Weather Service has issued a dense fog warning this morning. While that's bad news for drivers, for me it means when I look out my window I see ghostly trees reaching for the sky with skeletal fingers and misty white orbs of street lights glowing like stationary UFOs. The birds are quiet in the muffled darkness of pre-dawn and Patches stares intently out through the window, trying to catch the random movement of a lizard, bird or feral cat.

We've done no sightseeing here, no geocaching, no golf. The fees at the closest golf course are $195 per person, the geocaches are all micros located in heavy traffic areas and there's no Civil War sites, no museum, no natural wonder in the immediate area. Diesel costs $3.39 a gallon here and between last month's exorbitant expenses and upcoming Christmas expenses, Denny and I have laid low these past two weeks. Which means that this week's Lazy Sunday pictures are still from our campground. We have enjoyed our time here by the lake, watching pink sunsets while toasting our toes by a crackling fire and meandering around the campground looking for different varieties of birds, finding mistletoe high in the branches of trees and being very, very lazy. Not such a bad thing.

Sunsets around here normally occur right as I'm fixing dinner. Therefore to get a snapshot of the colorful clouds, I have to open the dining room window, stick the camera out the window and try to take the picture as I'm holding the cat back with the other hand. Otherwise Duffus would jump right out the window. All of which means that I don't have the opportunity to get all the elements of the photo in focus. But I got the color.

The theme here at the campground is based on trains. The office, activity center, laundry room and cabins are all old box cars, passenger cars and cabooses that have been refurbished and redesigned for their various usage. Even the miniature golf course on the grounds has a railroad theme and the layout of the holes is quite ingenious.

One of the more creative holes on the miniature golf course. We look at miniature golf as good putting practice.

Did you know that mistletoe is a parasitic plant? Coll mentioned that she wasn't aware that mistletoe grew in trees, but if you ever see a dormant tree with rounded green clumps out on the branches, chances are what you are seeing is mistletoe.

Patches, surveying her domain. Walking a cat definitely teaches you to stop and smell the roses. Here we stopped at a vacant camp site while Patches took advantage of the deck railing to scout the area for squirrels. Leashed, she'd never catch one, but I think if I let her go, she would.

This summer in Ohio there were restrictions (with expensive fines)against moving firewood made from ash trees due to infestations by the emerald ash borer. So now when we buy firewood we try to use it up before we leave the campground. Last night was our final fire because we're moving on tomorrow. The setting sun was reflected in the lake for about two minutes before the angle of the sun changed enough for the reflection to disappear. You have to be fast on the shutter button for sunrises and sunsets, and I don't always get it right.


Soulknitting said...

GREAT pic of Patches. I get music if I click on your player but it doesn't play automatically anymore. Great sunset pics too. I DO have music up on my site. Let me know if you can hear it. If not, hmmmmmmmmmmmm. We'll have to figure out what's up with your settings. Can you hear your blog music if you click on your player?

Simply Coll said...

When I look at your pics I feel a sense of disbelief that there is a world out there not wrapped in white. :-)
I LOVE the picture of patches .. what a delight she is.

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