Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Rare Bird

The quality of these pictures isn't too great because I had to take them surreptitiously so I wouldn't startle these migrating birds of Florida. Known as the three wheeled silver topped snowbirdicus, these colorful creatures travel from northern climes in late December and early January, settling into the coastal areas of Florida to enjoy the warm temperatures and readily available nesting spots known as RV parks or mobile home parks. Seen singly and in pairs, chirping happily throughout the day as they swoop through their parks, occasionally flocking around swimming pools or shuffleboards courts. Friendly, curious, sometimes raucous, these happy birds demand the right of way on resort driveways but give a nod or a wave to acknowledge the existence of the slower pedestrians sharing the roadway as they toodle on their way.

Years ago after my father passed away I asked my mother if she'd be interested in moving down to Florida to avoid the sometimes harsh winters of Ohio. She replied that "Florida has too many old people" and that she would never move there. Well, Florida does have a lot of old people, especially in the winter months and the slower lifestyle of the senior citizens here is one of the reasons Denny and I tried spending the winters in Arizona--it just seems like the RVers and seniors who spend their winters in the west are a more active breed. You just don't see trikes out there--golf carts, yes--trikes, no. So when we pulled into our campground yesterday and the ladies above were pedaling towards us we just had to grin at our stereotypical thoughts and resolve to ourselves to deal with it for the next three weeks. I've got a broken tooth that's going to need a crown so I'm getting that repaired here and then we'll move on. Ideally to find a pickleball court and a campground where people walk or jog but don't ride trikes. Because if the folks in Florida are too old for my mom, they have to be too old for Denny and me!


Coll said...

I kind of like those rare birds. I wonder if any of them fly down from our way. :-)

Linda and Denny said...

Coll, there are almost as many Canuck snowbirdici as there are Buckeye snowbirdici--it's that straight shot down the Interstate 75 corridor that does it!

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