Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lions and Tigers and ...Bugs, oh my!

After a thirteen hour drive from Ohio to southern Alabama, it would have been nice to be able to say that hitching up to our trailer and moving it out of storage into a campsite and setting it up was a smooth and easy transition.

Not so.

I've already mentioned that we were out of our routine, but there was also the fact that Denny dragged the outdoor grill out of the trailer instead of picking it up so that when it slid off the carpet runner it gouged a long scratch into the wood floor. And despite leaving the refrigerator doors open to air, there was mildew in the refrigerator and the spider webs? Gah! The good news is that there are no signs of mice so far.

But as you can see from the picture above, eventually we settled in and settled down. Shorts were put on, frozen margaritas were blended and as we sat under the live oak tree enjoying the sunshine and the warm Gulf breeze Denny and I remembered why we love this lifestyle so much. It's pure laziness!

We'll enjoy it for a couple of days before we have to return to Ohio and begin to work on Mom's house but I have to say we'll hate to leave here. Sometimes being the responsible one is the pits. But eventually we'll be able to respond to the call of the road and that's all good.


SkippyMom said...

Thanks for the best smile of my day! :D It is so nice to see y'all relaxing and having a good time.

I hope you have a lovely and blessed Easter.

Anonymous said...

Love the photo. It does indeed look very relaxing.

Kay said...

Have enjoyed reading about your adventures. We just bought a 2005 Hitchhiker and are getting ready to travel next year - hopefully. House is for sale, no luck yet and don't hold much hope right now. Also need to find a tow vehicle - looking for a one ton truck. Gotta run. Good Luck!

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