Monday, April 13, 2009

Sad to Go

No pictures today. Denny and I headed to Gulf Shore State Park after the sun broke out through the clouds up here in Summerdale, but once at the beach the clouds let loose with rain so there was no beach walk nor pictures for us. And naturally, as soon as we arrived back at the campground the sun came back out again. *Sigh*

It's been nice to relax and not think for the last three days. I sat at the computer and realized that I had not worked on my journal since late September (!!!) so I started working on that when the skies clouded over again in the afternoon instead of soaking up some sun as I had hoped. I'm so pasty white I can't stand it but a tan will have to wait (skin cancer be d*mned) until sometime later this summer, I guess.

Tomorrow we'll head north, stopping near the Tennessee/Alabama border for one night, then continuing on to Lexington, Kentucky to visit the Horse Park. It's a lot more driving than we normally do when pulling the trailer, but we want to spend a day at the Horse Park since we've been driving by it and talking about it for the last ten years. This year we'll do it. Because from this point on, if we want to do it, we will. If nothing else the last month, I've learned that life can be too short and that there are no guarantees so we're going for the gusto from here on out. Once we take care of our responsibilities, that is. Always a caveat. For now.

P.S. In reading the fourth to last sentence I wondered how many cliches I could fit in one sentence? Too many apparently. Snort.


SkippyMom said...

Your PS made me laugh! Thanks :D

I hope you have a safe trip back home and enjoy the horse park - will we be seeing any of your spectacular pics? [please? please?]

Anonymous said...

A Horse Park.. now that sounds interesting. I am hoping for a lot of pictures.

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