Friday, August 21, 2009

And the Rains Came

Yesterday's plans of a turkey dinner for Darb and his wife Net almost had to be canceled due to severe thunderstorms and the need for a boat to navigate the roadways. Add to that the fact that we suddenly had no DC power for our interior lights and refrigerator and we had the potential for a mess. Fortunately, a telephone call to a local repairman gave us a quick fix (plug our batteries to a battery charger and then get ourselves to a repairman), while Darb brought over a gallon of distilled water to top of the battery cells (ours had gotten knocked over in our travels and there wasn't enough to do the job).

End result, we had DC power once again and were able to enjoy the meal. The sun actually came out for a while and the threat of tornadoes passed. Denny and I will still have to find the root cause of the DC power problems (probably a converter that is dying--it has happened to us before) but we'll have more time for that when we're in New York next week.

Today we're moving on towards Cleveland to visit Denny's daughter, Vicki. Patches will surely hide behind the couch as she doesn't like this moving on every two-three days (neither do we). Once in the truck she's fine, it's just a matter of getting her out from her hiding spot--she knows it's hard to grab her there. Dumb animals, indeed.

We're finding more and more small irritants with this trailer, so we're either going to have to invest some money into fixing it up, or seriously do some number crunching for the possibility of ordering a new rig. RVs really aren't built to be lived in 24/7; they are manufactured to be weekend and vacation vehicles so the stress of being driven thousands of miles every year and being used on a daily basis creates a lot of wear and tear.

For now though, we are just enjoying our time with friends and family. It's great being back on the road.

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Anonymous said...

The weather this summer is indeed unpredictable. More than once our family get togethers have been disrupted because of it to some degree. Not necessarily in a bad way. If anything it has shown us that blue skies are not the expected necessity to good family time. :-) Must be a lesson in there somewhere.:-)

Just the thought of a new RV sounds exciting.. but I am sure the reality involves big bucks.

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